This is What I do on my Spare Time!

In today’s complex and heavily traded options market, casualties are made every single day. Beginners are losing money much quicker than they used to in stock trading and the elusive perfect options strategy always seem so close yet so far away. So, the real question options traders today are asking is, what exactly does it take to be successful in options trading?

Star Wars 7 is Coming – Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out!

Maybe you know me or maybe you don’t. That doesn’t really matter – I’m a politician, so I’m used to that kind of thing. What’s more important, and more interesting, is what I’m going to tell you right here and now. Someone told me recently that I could get my own Star Wars 7 full movie experience online. Yes, I know it sounds pretty out there, but it’s true. I admit that I was skeptical too, at first, but I looked into it all and, yes, this guy was right. In politics, you need time to relax every so often, and watching a great movie is a pretty good option.

politicians need to relax too!

So, first of all this person told me about the new Star Wars movie. I’ve been a fan of the franchise for a long time, long enough to remember watching A New Hope on VHS a long time ago. But not in a galaxy far, far away, as I’ve always lived right here in America, the greatest country in the world. But hey, as I said, I’m a politician, so you wouldn’t expect me to say anything else! I remember when I was younger, being totally hooked by the battle between the Empire and the Rebellion, and thrilled by the stunning special effects George Lucas used in the movies.

Then, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 came out, and I had fun with those, too, though I’d started my political career by that time, so I could only really geek out in my own home. It doesn’t look too good if you’re arguing about lightsabers on the stump during an election campaign! And now, the next installment of this fantastic franchise has been made, and I wanted some way of watching it privately. You know how intrusive the media can be! So when I heard from this guy that Star Wars 7 full movie screenings were possible online, it felt like I’d won a prize. I was so happy, you wouldn’t believe it.

image from the movie

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with you. Yeah, I know – because I’m a politician, you think I’m just saying this stuff so that you’ll vote for me in the next election. And sure, I want to be re-elected – every politician does! But it doesn’t matter who you root for in politics, what matters right now is that the spectacle of Star Wars 7 will be available for all of us. It’s going to be a truly amazing experience, and I’d really hate for anybody to miss out just because they couldn’t get to a theater. That’s what this is all about – I want everyone to be able to see this movie.


Economic Growth in the USA

The U.S economy is one of the leading forces in the globe and how well it is performing affects the global economy. In the past few years, economic growth in USA has registered some highs and lows. The key areas in the economy have been broken down for you and you can take note of which areas to invest as well as the ones to avoid.

Economic growth affects many decisions right from purchasing to investing and that is why you will find this information handy.

The Key Highlights in the U.S. Economic Growth

  • Gross Domestic product: in the second quarter of the 2015, the U.S. GDP registered a 3.9% growth which is a 3.3% increase from the first quarter which registered a growth of increase of 0.3%. This has been borne out of increased efficiency and effectiveness in all federal production processes. In 2014, the U.S. GDP grew by 2.3% which was an increase from 1.9% in 2013. Out of the 381 metropolitans in the U.S., 282 areas registered a growth in GDP in 2013 hence the impressive federal GDP growth.

Economic Growth in the USA

  • Per Capita Income: in August 2015, net personal income was at a 0.3% growth rate. In July 2015, per capita income registered a growth of 0.5%. Economic experts expect the personal income growth to maintain the same growth tempo through the third quarter this year.
  • International Trade Current Account: in the second fiscal quarter in 2015, the U.S. current account deficit dropped from $118.3 billion in the first quarter to $109.7 billion. These are preliminary figures and a more drop may be expected in the final figures.
  • International Investment: in the second quarter of 2015 fiscal year, the U.S. invested $6,688.3 billion. In the same trading period the liabilities versus assets deficit was estimated to be at -$6,801.4 billion.
  • Net International Trade in Goods and Services: there is still a huge gap between the imports and exports in and out of U.S. The federation is still importing more than it is exporting. In August, the U.S. exported $185.1 billion worth of goods and services. In the same month, imports stood at $233.4 billion worth of goods and services.
  • The best performing sectors in the economy: the U.S economy has been registering growth in a number of sectors. These include finance, real estate, rental & leases, business and professional services, mining and natural resources.

Well, now you know where the economic growth in USA stands. You can now make your economic decisions from an informed standpoint.